Cancelled until further notice

Group classes are suspended during this time.  We will reassess the value of holding classes versus the safety of our customers at a future date and announce any schedule addition here.  Thank you for your patience.


Fitness Classes

Find the Right One for You

Deep Creek Fitness offers a weekly schedule of classes for every fitness fan. Whether you want to dial up the intensity or take a more relaxed approach, work your arms or core, we’ve got a class with a spot just for you. Create your own personalized schedule by choosing the classes that suit your needs.


Tabata style training has proven to be the most effective form of high intensity training, following a 2 to 1 work to rest ratio. Most of the work efforts in this class are 20 seconds on 10 seconds off, but we do mix in longer work periods as well. This is a full body class that will absolutely test your limits! 
Taught by Nina

Pilates Endurance

The class focuses on Joseph Pilates’ principles of breathing, centering, control, fluidity, precision, and concentration while improving posture, balance, flexibility, core strength, body awareness and muscle tone. The class incorporates STOTT Pilates mat exercises performed with a variety of small props.  Be prepared for a challenging, purifying, and detoxifying class!  All levels welcome!
Taught by Stephannie, Certified Stott Pilates Instructor


High Intensity Interval Training that will focus on anaerobic efforts. Tremendous way to improve your cardiovascular fitness and much more fun than long steady state cardio! 
Taught by Nina


This class is split 50/50 between the bike and the floor. It's a great way to get both cardio and core training packed into one hour. Can be modified or made more advanced depending on the individual, so this is a great class for all fitness levels!
Taught by Nina

Booty Barre

Define and tone your whole body in this fun, energetic, workout that fuses core work, weight training, and cardio for a bootylicious backside.  Bootybarre is the perfect combination of strength, flexibility, and cardio utilizing a ballet barre.
Taught by Stephannie


A full body strength based class that will train every muscle group, while keeping your heart rate elevated in an aerobic zone. Sometimes this means lower weight with higher repetitions and other times this means compound movements engaging numerous muscle groups at once. The BEST way to lift weights!
Taught by Nina

Biker Barre

Half spin and half barre, this class will get your heart pumping and your muscles working, all in the space of one hour!
Taught by Stephannie

Class schedule subject to change.  Please contact us for the most recent information and to reserve your spot.